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Dirk Wood Talks IDW: PDX’s Full Bleed

Full Bleed launched it’s Kickstarter last week and its curator/ editor Dirk Wood just spoke to Tripwire editor-in-chief.

TW: What was the genesis of Full Bleed?
DIRK WOOD: You could say the genesis was when I saw my first Bernie Wrightson cover on a spinner rack at about the age of 5 (Swamp Thing #5, although, it was a reprint), when I became an instant and life-long comic fan. Or, you could say it was my Senior year in high school, when I was the editor of my high school newspaper, and became mad with power. Although truthfully, it came about via conversations with Ted Adams, our Publisher and CEO. We were talking about two things — What to do in the new Portland office, and how the recent Presidential election had us feeling down. Ted quite rightly said, “What can we do? We can love our families, and we can make books. Smart books for smart people.” We continued talking and realized we’d both always wanted to make a magazine. Then, over the last few months, that magazine became a quarterly, hardcover, 200 page, print-only magazine, but a magazine just the same.
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