About Us

Welcome to FULL BLEED

The premiere publication from IDW’s new imprint, WOODWORKS. IDW & WOODWORKS intend to make smart books, for smart people…and do what they can to help make more smart people.

Full Bleed, The Comics & Culture Quarterly is a 200 page hardcover magazine celebrating the best in comics, fiction, non-fiction, long interviews and more. Combining music, film, history, opinion, politics, fine art and design—Full Bleed is a reading experience like no other.

Creative Director & Editor: Dirk Wood
Contributing Art Director: Ben Brown
With Editorial contributions, assistance and advice from: 
Chris Ryall, Chris Staros, Diana Schutz, Shawna Gore, Charles Brownstein, Alex Cox, Sarah Gaydos, Scott Tipton, Scott Dunbier, David Hedgecock
Cover, logos and endpapers designed by Ben Brown
Additional designs by Ben Brown, Jack Rivera, Richard Fowlks & Chris Ross 
Art for endpapers by Joe Macca
Founders Emeritus: Ted Adams & Robbie Robbins