About Us

Welcome to FULL BLEED

The premiere publication from IDW’s new imprint, WOODWORKS. IDW & WOODWORKS intend to make smart books, for smart people…and do what they can to help make more smart people.

Full Bleed, The Comics & Culture Quarterly is a 200 page hardcover magazine celebrating the best in comics, fiction, non-fiction, long interviews and more. Combining music, film, history, opinion, politics, fine art and design—Full Bleed is a reading experience like no other.

Publisher: Ted Adams

Creative Director: Dirk Wood

Art Director: Robbie Robbins

Curated & Edited by Dirk Wood & Ted Adams

With Editorial contributions, assistance and advice from:
Chris Ryall, Chris Staros, Shawna Gore, Diana Schutz, Charles Brownstein, Alex Cox, Sarah Gaydos, Leigh Walton, Jeremy Atkins, Scott Tipton, Scott Dunbier, Greg Goldstein, David Hedgecock

Designs by: Robbie Robbins, Ben Brown, Jack Rivera, Richard Fowlks, & Chris Ross

Cover, logos and endpapers designed by Ben Brown

Art for endpapers by Joe Macca